Drumarkon has been a dedicated supplier of products and semi-finished products in ship and interior construction for more than 30 years for companies that are active in new construction projects and refit projects. The legal requirements for fire prevention, noise reduction and weight savings are increasing every year. Drumarkon has specialized in these fields and has a wide range of certified products. With this we offer you guarantees for the manufactured end products. For customization, our experienced team of professionals is happy to think along with you and look for a creative and suitable solution together with you.

Drumarkon supplies and produces the following products and semi-finished products:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Bend elements
  • Specials

We do this according to the “box-in-a-box” principle. For example, we supply the complete semi-finished products for the interior construction of a hull ship.

Machining of materials

Drumarkon also offers customization. With our modern machinery it is possible to carry out various specialist operations in-house. This can be done by means of computer-controlled machines to which you supply the drawings, but also Postform curved elements that are made manually in our Postform workshop. Below you can see the operations that are possible.

& sanding.

Gluing, surface gluing.

Sawing, dividing into any desired size


Banding panels with ABS band.

Edge processing with a Homag Kuper.


Complete package of steel, aluminum and plastic profiles