Our production location is located in the center of the Netherlands in Schelluinen. Our stock of products varies from floor panels to base materials and HPL decors. These materials can also be combined. From the moment of assignment to the moment of transport, we unburden a growing group of customers at home and abroad every day with our professional team and modern machinery.

Drumarkon also offers customization and the possibility to perform various specialist operations in-house. This can be done by means of computer-controlled machines where you provide the drawings, but also Postform bend elements that are made manually in our Postform workshop.

Below are some of our edits that are possible.


Postforming is the bending or shaping of materials in any desired shape or form and covering them with a HPL décor.

High precision beamsaw for flexible cutting

The net square cutted edging of panels to any desired size.

HPL Laminating Machine

Our specialty is bonding HPL on different types of basic materials. Use our spray glue or the glue line with a special press line.

CNC milling

The computer-controlled milling of sheet material.

Press line

Machine pressing HPL on the sheet material.