High Pressure Laminate

Our specialty is the bonding of HPL to various types of sheet materials. HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate in full and consists of paper pulp and phenolic resin, with a hard top layer of melamine resin.

When gluing, a professional glue and press line is used or in special cases spray glue. Drumarkon has its own technical solutions for bonding all types and variants of HPL on a wide variety of base materials.

Drumarkon Marine Range (Low Flame Spread)

The Drumarkon Marine Range (DMR) is a certified high pressure laminate collection, especially selected for Drumarkon. This range consists of several decors with various surfaces and finishings. Available in multiple solid colors, wood decors and patterns. The measurements of the laminates are 2440x1220x0.8mm and they have a low flame spread IMO certificate. The Drumarkon Marine Range laminates are standard stock items.

Other brands

In addition to our own Drumarkon Marine Range and the collections of Resopal, Polyrey and Formica, we also supply HPL from collections of other well-known laminate brands. A.o. Egger, Arpa, Abet, Duropal and more.

Please contact us if you would like more information or HPL samples.