Supplier of products and semi-finished products in ship and interior construction

Drumarkon International B.V.

Since its establishment in 1985, Drumarkon has been a supplier of products and semi-finished products for the shipbuilding and interior construction business. Our factory is located centrally in the Netherlands in Schelluinen. From here we supply a growing group of customers inland and abroad with our professional team and modern machinery. We take care of the transport of the products from door to door, whether it is by sea, by air or by road.

Our segments

Drumarkon has a wide range of products that can be used for different segments and applications. Below is an overview of all segments where our products can be used.

Acknowledged training company

Drumarkon has been an officially approved training company since 2019. In order to continue to provide the growing production department with professionals, we offer young people an opportunity to learn a trade. This also results in Drumarkon being able to count on the next generation of professionals.

We are a distributor in the maritime sector for the leading fire prevention brand Promat.